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Full Moon Candle Ritual

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

In these strange times we must surrender and let go of control.

Greeting sisters, it was a disappointment for me to have to cancel our full moon candle light in the space, so many intentions poured on the new moon at Breeze candle pour studio. However in these times we learn to remain in surrender that control is an illusion that leads to disappointment. So many potent lesson in these last couple of years! Covid is requiring us to slowing down.

The Astrology for this full moon is asking for us to go with in. I'm constantly reminded that all is divine! Get out your journal and your ritual candle.

As we manifest what we desire in our lives we must remember to give up what isn't supporting the creation of that reality however, I think it's also important to leave room for the things we don't understand yet. As we let go there has to be surrender. Like a toddler we want what we want...the wise universe parent sometimes doesn't give it to us for reasons we can't see in the moment. Can you think of a moment in your life were this was revealed later to you? What gets in your way of the thing you desire in your life? Is it the very wanting that pushes even farther? Where can you lean into trust in your life? What habits limit you in your fullness? What habits support you thriving?

A little Astrology from Earth to Coyote

"Our soft, vulnerable and emotionally responsive full moon in Cancer undulates in opposition to powerful pluto. Similary, many may find themselves adrift in deeply felt emotional undercurrents, as we process the many moving parts of simultaneous unfolding transits. On January 14th Mercury joins Venus retrograde, proving January to be a month of strategy over quick progress, potential delay, revision and necessary patience. Mars square Neptune over the last week has farther complicated clarity, so give yourself a pat on the back for riding the wave!"

Themes: The Home, Family, Security, Change, Emotional Process, Career,Goals

Lighting Your Candle

Take a moment to pour your intentions into your ritual candle if you weren't able to join us for the new moon, if you did, feel those intentions once more. Notice any sensations that arise in your body. Journal the sensations and anything that may be blocking you from seeing your intentions made manifest. Write the blocks on a separate piece of paper to burn. Have a bowl you can set the burning paper into. Dim the lights, set the tone of your ritual, sage, palo, music, a bubble bath, chocolate, hot oil to apply to your body what ever creates connection to your self care. Set your candle a blaze burn your blocks, celebrate, dance, soak, surrender, lavish yourself in self care and allow anything to arise. Take your time to journal and be with yourself fully.

Sisters we will meet again in Emergence to share our revelations. Until then we dive solo with the light of our own ritual fertilizing and bring richness to our inner soil.

With Love & Service

Amy Raven

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